A Gracious Reminder

“Many are my persecutors and my adversaries,
but I do not swerve from your testimonies.” Psalm 119.157

The psalmist continues this stanza filled with prayer with a theme that he has returned to time and again in this psalm. He again laments his enemies and their wickedness, and again he speaks of his devotion to the Word of God.

I wonder if you’re tired of the psalmist’s redundancy on this point. Perhaps, as you read this now, you’re thinking: “Here we go again! Another verse about his enemies and his dependence on the Lord.” I must confess, I was tempted with similar thoughts as I began writing this devotion.

But friend, consider that the Lord has these reminders in this psalm for a reason. His Word is inspired, and He is all-wise. He knows that we need these reminders. This redundancy is a grace from God, reminding us again that in the face of the world’s attacks and persecution, we must rely on God and live according to his Word.

How have you grown tired of being reminded of the protection found in God’s Word? In what ways do you turn to Scripture when the world attacks you? Thanks the Lord for the gracious reminders he gives in his Word.

Gracious God and King, we praise you for your long-suffering with us. Thank you for protecting us, for giving us your word to guide us, when we are attacked and persecuted. Deepen our devotion to you and your Word. Amen.

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