A Heart for Scripture

“Their heart is unfeeling like fat,
but I delight in your law.” Psalm 119.70

This verse continues to draw out the contrast the psalmist began in the prior verse. He highlights the difference between one who lives according to the ways of the world and the one who lives in devotion to Scripture.

The poet uses a brief but powerful metaphor here. He says the heart of the wicked (those who have been accusing him with lies) is fat and unfeeling. Biologically speaking, the heart is not fat. It is a muscle, a muscle that is never fully at rest (lest we die). But the heart of the wicked has grown fat. He has glutted himself with lusting after sin, and his heart is now fattened and unfeeling.

In contrast, the poet’s heart is filled with devotion to the law of God. He is not lusting for sin; he is longing for the word of God. His heart is inclined toward the law of the Lord. May our hearts be so inclined. Let us always be devoted to the law of God.

How is your heart? Has it become fattened with lusting after sin, or is it devoted to God and his revealed truth? In what ways does your life display a devotion to Christ? How fervently is your heart inclined to the law of God?

Lord, reveal in us the ways our hearts are inclined to sin and evil. Lead us, in your kindness, to repentance. Give us hearts that long for the truth of your law, hearts that are steadfastly devoted to you and your truth. Amen.

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