A Prayer for Guidance

“Lead me in the path of your commandments,
for I delight in it.” Psalm 119.35

The writer has explained his need for teaching that enables obedience (33). He has explained his need for God to give him understanding, which sets his affections (34). Now, as he continues this stanza focused on dependence, he acknowledges his need for God to guide him along the narrow path.

He longs to be led along the path that he delights in. As God has given him instruction and understanding, he’s grown to love the law of the Lord, to delight in the path of his commandments. Still, he is dependent on the Lord to guide him along the path.

Jesus taught that the path to destruction is wide and easy to follow; where as, the path leading to life is narrow and difficult (Matt. 7.13). This truth ought to remind us of our dependence, of our need for divine guidance. That guidance can only be found in God’s inspired, inerrant word. As we receive instruction, understanding, and guidance from God and his Word, we delight in his ways, put off sin, and walk in obedience.

How do your prayers express your dependence on God for instruction, understanding, and guidance? How often do you find yourself delighting in the ways of God and expressing your thankfulness for divine wisdom?

Lead us in your way, O Lord. Protect us from carelessly walking the path to destruction. Cause us to delight in your Law, heavenly Father, that it may guide our every step. Amen.

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