Above Fine Gold

“Therefore I love your commandments
above gold, above fine gold.” Psalm 119.127

When understood on its face, this verse exalts the value of God’s word. When understood in the context of the previous verse, the psalmist’s praise reaches new heights. In the previous verse, the poet spoke of the Lord acting, the Lord bringing justice, because his law had been broken.

That knowledge of God’s justice enforces his love for the commandments of God. Knowing that God is perfectly righteous and just—and that he will act according to his essential nature—he knows that God’s word is of surpassing value. Notice, the psalmist doesn’t exalt the worth of God’s commandments by comparing them to the base things of the world. He compares them to gold, to fine gold, and still sees the word of God as far superior. What lofty meditation this is!

How does God’s perfect righteousness and justice affect the way you think about his commands? How lofty is your view of God’s word? In what ways does biblical wisdom surpass the world’s notions of wisdom? How does such a comparison affect your day-to-day life?

Heavenly Father—our perfect, righteous, and just God—we praise your name. Teach us to love your word. Grant us a greater understanding of the value of your word, that we might follow your revelation for our life. Amen.

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