Awe of the Word

“Princes persecute me without cause,
but my heart stands in awe of your words.” Psalm 119.161

This verse opens the second-to-last stanza of this beautiful psalm, this ode to the Word of God. In this stanza, the psalmists’s prayer serves as a powerful testimony to what the Word of God produces in the life of a believer. The first fruit it reveals is a worshipful awe for God’s revelation.

This awe is seen in comparison with the poet’s view of earthly rulers. He sees and knows that earthly rulers are fallen and fallible, so much so that they persecute him without cause. You’ve no doubt heard it said that the best of men are men at best. All men are sinful men and unworthy of our awe. The psalmist has no reverence for these princes.

However, because of his deep study of God’s Word—and its righteous rules for his life—the psalmist stands in awe of Scripture. The study of God’s Word produces awe for that Word and the God who has revealed it to us.

How has your study of Scripture produced awe and wonder in your heart? In what ways has the revelation of God inspired and informed your worship of the Lord? Do you worship in spirit and in truth?

God of all truth and righteousness, teach us to love your Word. Give us a greater understanding, that we might stand in awe of you. Guide us, O Father, that we might worship you in a worthy manner. Amen.

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