Blessing Others

“Those who fear you shall see me and rejoice,
because I have hoped in your word.” Psalm 119.74

In the previous verse, the psalmist called out to God for understanding. He recognized that God created him, thus he wanted God’s word to guide his life. Here, the psalmist highlights one of the benefits of finding our hope in and living according to the teachings of Scripture. Such a faithful life blesses others.

Notice though, that a life lived according to God’s word is a blessing to a particular group of people—those who fear God. This psalm has already shown us that God-fearing people will be hated by the world. The other side of that coin is that God-fearing people are a blessing to others who fear the Lord.

This should come as a comfort and encouragement to us. As we seek to obey the Lord, to live in a way that demonstrates faithful adherence to his commands, it is a blessing to other faithful men and women. When we find hope in the truth of God, it encourages others seeking that same hope.

In what ways have you been encouraged by the faithful life of other believers? How have you been encouraged by seeing others find hope in the Scripture? Praise God for that encouragement and ask him to help you be that kind of blessing to others.

Heavenly Father, our sure hope, we praise you that we can trust in you, that we can trust in what you have revealed in your word. May we encourage one another through our faithfulness. May we be a blessing to those who fear you. Amen.

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