Casting off the Wicked

“All the wicked of the earth you discard like dross,
therefore I love your testimonies.” Psalm 119.119

In the previous verse, the psalmist looked at the Lord’s spurning of evildoers. He took comfort in knowing that the cunning of evil is ultimately in vain. In this verse, the psalmist continues to look at the Lord’s dealing with the evil. Here, he points out that God casts aside the wicked, discards them like dross.

Unless you have a background in metalwork, the poet’s illustration might not be obvious. Dross is that material that is discarded when metal is melted and refined. It’s the waste, the impurities that are sorted out in the refining process. It’s useless and cast aside. This is true of the wicked.

As we discussed yesterday, the Lord has already appointed the end of evil. His ultimate plan is to judge and cast aside the wicked. This should be a comfort to all who trust in the Lord and live according to his word. This truth should also drive us, as it does the psalmist, to love the testimonies of God, to love his word.

How deep is your love for the word of God? How have you seen him cast aside the evil in your life? In what ways do you take comfort in God’s ultimate plan to judge and cast off wickedness, unrighteousness, and evil?

Gracious Lord, how we love your law! We praise you Lord for another reminder of your sovereign plan to discard evil, to cast off the wicked like dross. May this truth increase our joy in you, our thankfulness for your grace to us, and our love for your word. Amen.

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