Clinging to God’s Word

“I cling to your testimonies, O Lord;
let me not be put to shame!” Psalm 119.31

In the opening of this stanza, the psalmist grieved that his soul clung to the dust. Here, he declares that he clings to the testimonies of the Lord. What a marvelous contrast! Left to the influence of our flesh and the world, our soul is pulled ever downward. But, by the grace of God, when we’re committed to the way of faithfulness we cling to the testimonies of the Lord. We long to hear of his works. They are a comfort to us, and the words constantly on our lips.

Following this statement of devotion is another plea for the Lord to protect him from shame. Here again, we see the psalmist’s confidence in the Lord’s salvation and protection. This stanza has made clear that the writer is painfully aware of his sinful ways, repentant, and eager to walk in the way of the Lord. This prayer is made in confidence to the only one who can remove guilt and shame. He calls out to his great protector.

Friend, have you moved from a life that clings to the dust to one that clings to the testimonies of God? What is your testimony of God’s saving work in your life? How often do you delight in that testimony? In the testimonies of his mighty works throughout history? How often do you recognize your need and call on him for protection?

Our great God and King, our fortress and refuge, may we ever cling to your testimonies. May your wondrous works fill our hearts and minds, and may they ever be on our lips. Protect us from shame, o gracious Lord, that our lives might sing your praise. Amen.

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