Comfort in Persecution

“The insolent utterly deride me,
but I do not turn away from your law.” Psalm 119.51

Scripture makes clear that the faithful will face derision and contempt from the world. On his final night with the disciples, Jesus prepared them for persecution. He reminded them that just as the world hated him, they will hate his followers (John 15.18-27). Paul assured Timothy that all who desire to live for God will face persecution (2 Tim. 3.12).

That’s the bad news. Still, we must remember the context of this verse. The Word of the Lord brings comfort. Similarly, Jesus followed his warnings about persecution with a promise of the Holy Spirit who would come, among other things, to remind them of the testimonies of God. Paul also encouraged Timothy to hold fast to sound doctrine in the face of persecution.

As the psalmist experienced, and Christ and Paul warned of, we will face persecution and derision in this world. In such times, we must not run from God and his Word. Rather, we should cling to God, cling to biblical truth, and find comfort there.

When you face rejection of what you believe, when the world derides you, where do you turn? Do you find yourself tempted to downplay what you believe, to waver on biblical truth? In what ways do you find comfort in the truth of God? May we ever cling to God and his truth, especially in the face of rejection and persecution.

Our refuge and strong tower, may we ever find solace and strength in you. When the world derides and rejects us, cause us to cling to your Word and find our comfort there. May your name be magnified in all we do as wanderers in this fallen world. Amen.

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