Confident Devotion

“Hear my voice according to your steadfast love;
O Lord, according to your justice give me life.” Psalm 119.149

The psalmist has sung of his urgency in prayer (147) and his urgency in meditating upon the Word of God (148). His devotion is zealous, rising early to commune with God. In this verse, he explains the reason for his urgency, the confidence behind his devotion.

What is it? It’s the person of the Lord, the perfection of God’s essential nature. His study has revealed the lovingkindness and justice of the Lord. Because of this knowledge of the Lord, he is confident and zealous in seeking the Lord. The Lord’s steadfast love gives confidence to his prayer. The Lord’s perfect justice gives him a sure hope in God’s good providence.

This verse provides a very helpful lesson for us. Our confidence and zeal bust be based firmly on who God is and what he reveals to us. We cannot value our feelings or perception of our experience over God’s revelation of himself. His love and justice must always be the basis of our hope.

How often do you give consideration to the love and justice of the Lord? When is the last time you meditated on the person of the Lord, his perfections? How has that meditation affected your devotion?

Gracious God, show yourself to us. Stir up our love for you and for your Word. Cause us to rest confidently in your love and justice. May we ever hope in you—and you alone. Amen.

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