Delighting in Grace

“Your testimonies are my delight;
they are my counselors.” Psalm 119.24

The psalmist, under the inspiration of the Spirit, compounds his praise of God’s Word. He continues to show Scripture’s benefits in the life of one living as a sojourner in this fallen world. This leads him to delight in the testimonies of God.

What a blessed reminder this is to us. The testimonies of the Lord’s works are a delight to us in this fallen world. When we face dire circumstances, we can remember our Lord’s promises kept to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. We can recount his miraculous deliverance of Israel. We can recall his care for and coronation of David, despite Saul’s attempts to thwart God’s plan. We can delight of his miraculous provision through a few loaves and fish. When we face dark days, remembering his resurrection on the third day gives us hope for our future resurrection.

As we live on this sin-cursed globe, longing for another world, let us delight in the testimonies of the Lord. May they be our counselors!

How often do you take time to delight in the testimonies of the Lord? When you face trials, how have you trained your mind to think on the works of the Lord? In what ways do you take counsel from the truths of God’s righteous acts of the past?

O great God, your works are a delight to us. Help us to remember your ways, your mighty works of ages past. Help us to be counseled by them as we sojourn on this earth. You are our delight, Lord.

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