Devoted Prayer

“I call to you; save me,
that I may observe your testimonies.” Psalm 119.146

The inspired poet continues this section, one that is filled with prayers of devotion, by highlighting the most basic prayer of the believer. This prayer may seem simple, but it has profound truth.

First, this prayer reveals the one he prays to, and the one we must pray to. He calls unto God, for God is the only one capable of answering his prayer. The content of his prayer is also revealed—“save me.” This is the purest prayer, and the one all other prayers are rooted in. Apart from the salvation of God, our prayers are useless. 

Notice also, that the result of his answered prayer—his prayer for salvation—is obedience. This is vital. Obedience flows out of a saved life, follows salvation. Obedience does not merit salvation. It follows salvation. He needs God to save him, so that he can observe God’s testimonies.

Friend, is this your prayer? Do you pray to God and God alone? Have you sought him for salvation? In what ways are you tempted to seek other answers, other sources of salvation and provision? How has your salvation led to holy living?

Heavenly Lord, be gracious to us. We call unto you—and you alone—for salvation. Save us, dear Lord, that we might walk in your ways and bring glory to your name. Amen.

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