Devoted to the End

“I incline my heart to perform your statutes
forever, to the end.” Psalm 119.112

With this verse, the poet brings another stanza of this amazing psalm to a close. This section has focused on the way God’s word serves as a guide to him, keeping his path lit in the midst of a dark world. With the word of God to light his path, he will not fall into the snare of his enemies. Scripture is his guard and his guide.

Given that understanding, the psalmist closes out this section with the most emphatic statement of devotion he’s given in the psalm to this point. Keep in mind, he’s already expressed his devotion several times. Still, this expression is emphatic. He again states the inclination of his heart. Then, he adds that his heart will be so inclined forever. Then, as if still more needed to be said, he adds that his devotion is to the end.

The psalmist isn’t just devoted. His heart is forever inclined toward God’s statutes. This inclination is to obey to the utmost, to the end.

How does your life reflect such a devotion? To what extent is your heart inclined to the precepts of God? Knowing that Scripture is the best guide for life, are you committed to obeying it to the utmost? 

Dearest Lord, your word is our strong defense, the surest guide for our lives. Incline our hearts to your word. Drive us to love and obey your word faithfully—that our lives might be to your praise. Amen.

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