Divine Wisdom and Hate

“Through your precepts I get understanding;
therefore I hate every false way.” Psalm 119.104

With this verse, the psalmist brings to a close this stanza, a section that highlights the wisdom and discernment produced by meditating deeply on biblical truth. He reaffirms the truth that God’s word produces understanding. As we’ve seen throughout this stanza, this discernment exceeds everything the world has to offer.

That truth leads him to despise the world’s useless wisdom. Because God’s word is perfect, because the wisdom it gives is the highest wisdom, the psalmist hates all that is contrary to biblical understanding.

This is a stunning rejection of syncretism—the idea that God’s word and the world’s philosophy both have good to offer him. He doesn’t compare biblical and earthly wisdom and come to the conclusion that earthly wisdom isn’t that bad. He doesn’t say, “Well, sure it’s not good as the Bible, but maybe I can still use the good parts.” The psalmist has compared biblical wisdom with that of the world, and he hates the world’s inferior notions of wisdom.

In what ways are you trying to mix biblical truth with the wisdom of the world? How have you undermined divine revelation with worldly notions of good, righteousness, or wisdom? Let us not seek to learn from the world; rather, let us commit ourselves to developing and displaying divine wisdom.

Heavenly Father, be gracious to us, O Lord. Reveal to us our lack of wisdom and grant us understanding from your inspired, inerrant word. Guide us in your truth, that we might live unto your glory. Amen.

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