Exceeding Love

“My soul keeps your testimonies;
I love them exceedingly.” Psalm 119.167

Here, the psalmist gives testimony to his faithfulness. He has kept God’s Word. But notice, that he doesn’t appeal to any list of accomplishments, to any list of religious works. Instead, he appeals to his soul’s testimony. His inner man has kept the Word of God by faith. 

Out of that inner man flows a deep, exceeding love for the Word of God. He doesn’t just love the idea of God. He doesn’t just love God. His testimony is that of an exceeding love for the Word of God. 

Our testimony ought to align with the psalmist. Scripture teaches that those who love Christ will keep his commandments—and that those commandments will not be burdensome (1 John 5.3). We must love God and love his testimonies from the depths of our soul. This must come first. Before we can obey, before we can live out the precepts of God’s Word, we must love his Word.

What is the testimony of your soul? How deep is your love for the Scripture, for God’s revelation of himself and his will? How does this drive the way you think, set your affections, and determine the works of your hands?

Gracious God and King, your Word reveals your goodness and majesty. May we ever love your testimonies from our very souls. Give us understanding, Lord, that our affections may be set on you. Amen.

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