Fixed Devotion

“The wicked lie in wait to destroy me,
but I consider your testimonies.” Psalm 119.95

Perhaps you’ve had those days when you feel like the whole of the universe is bent towards your destruction. The psalmist could certainly understand that feeling. Here, he speaks of the wicked lying in wait for him. They didn’t want to steal from him. They didn’t want to rough him up. His discomfort was not their desire. They wanted to destroy him.

Still, the poet is unfazed. He does not even consider them, because he considers God’s testimonies instead. It’s almost as though he doesn’t even notice the wicked, because he is focused on the truth of God.

Here, the psalmist gives us a great example of how the word of God can be fruitful in our lives. It’s easy to let the ways of the world, the evil that we face, distract us from God’s Word, prevent us from focusing on him. Instead, we must fix our minds on God’s testimonies, so much so that we are unfazed by the wicked of the world.

Where is you focus, friend? Are you so consumed with the evil of the world—either by indulging in its excesses or by lamenting its evil—that you’re failing to consider the testimonies of God? Take time today to get your focus off the world and onto the testimonies of God.

Lord, we confess that we are too easily distracted. Fix our eyes on you, O Lord. Captivate us with your testimonies, that we might be preserved from the destruction of the wicked, and that your name would be praise d in our thoughts, affections, and actions. Amen.

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