Forever and Ever

“I will keep your law continually,
forever and ever,” Psalm 119.44

As we work through this epic poem, this inspired prayer about the Word of God, we’re at the quarter mark. What a gracious study it has been. The psalmist has sung the blessings of a life lived according to God’s Word. He’s extolled the Word’s power to give and purify life. He has written of Scripture’s ability to guide and comfort believers as we wander as strangers on this earth.

We’ve seen the psalmists dependence on the Lord to teach him biblical truth, give him an understanding of that truth, and lead him in walking according to it. The psalmist has shown us that the Word leads us to salvation and gives us hope. Is it any wonder that here the psalmist cries out, exclaiming his full devotion to the law of God? He knows the power of God’s Word, and he’s committed to following it.

Keep in mind the repeated expressions of dependence that precede this verse. He makes this confession faithfully, for he has already expressed that only God’s grace can enable this commitment. Confident of the grace of God to answer his prayers, he’s unwaveringly committed to obedience.

Do you share that commitment? As you’ve read through this psalm and pondered its truth, how has your devotion to Scripture grown? Having beheld the glory of divine truth, are you resolved to obey it?

Lord, give us the psalmist’s resolve. May we, with hearts of faith and love, commit ourselves to obeying your law. May our lives be lived unto your glory. Amen.

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