Gasping for Life

“I open my mouth and pant,
because I long for your commandments.” Psalm 119.131

What an exaltation of the value of God’s Word! The psalmist’s praise is building here. He began this stanza singing of the wonders of God’s testimonies (129). Then, he sang of Scripture’s ability to give light and understanding to the simple (130). Knowing these truths, he breaks forth in this amazing statement of his longing.

He pants after the Word. It’s as though he’s grasping for breath, for his very survival. This is how intensely he longs for the revelation of God. If he were deprived of access to the Word of God, it would be as though he were deprived of oxygen. He would not be able to breath without it.

We should join the psalmist. Every believer should share in his earnestness, longing for the Word as though we’re longing for the most basic needs of life. We should pant after Scripture, because it gives life.

How is your longing for God’s Word? Do you wake in the morning craving for God’s revelation? How does your view of Scripture show that you long for God’s Word in the way that you long for oxygen? Do you recognize that God’s Word is as vital for your survival as being able to breath?

Great and mighty God. We long for your Word, as we would gasp for air. Show us your truth. Reveal yourself to us, O Lord. Light our paths with the truth of your Word. Cause us to crave your testimonies—that we might walk in them for your glory. Amen.

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