God Knows You

“Your hands have made and fashioned me;
give me understanding that I may learn your commandments.” Psalm 119.73

This verse draws us into the tenth stanza of this masterful psalm. The section sets up in a chiastic structure, a poetic device that focuses the readers attention on the center of the passage (in this case, verses 76-77). The psalmist uses this passage to show how well-suited the word of God is for guiding our lives in a fallen world, highlighting Scripture is a sign of God’s love for us and should be our delight.

He begins this section by pointing out that God is his creator. This is essential truth. Because God created us, he knows us better than we even know ourselves. He knows our needs. He knows the best path for us. This truth is why the poet immediately follows his affirmation of the truth with a request for understanding.

Because God has created him, he knows that God’s commandments are the best guide for his life. Thus, he longs to learn those commandments. We must recognize the same truth the psalmist does here, and we must humbly embrace it. We do not set the best guides for our life. God does, through his word.

How have you seen the wisdom of God’s word in your life? In what waves have you seen your own wisdom corrected by God’s revealed truth? Praise the Lord for that insight and appeal to him for an even greater understanding of his word.

Gracious Lord, we recognize that your ways are higher than our ways. You have created us and formed us. Guide us, O Father, to use these earthen vessels for your honor and glory. Amen.

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