God’s Comforting Promises

“Remember your word to your servant,
in which you have made me hope.” Psalm 119.49

As we enter a new stanza of Psalm 119, the poet highlights another blessing of the Scripture. God’s Word brings comfort. It’s fascinating that the stanza begins with a call for God to remember him, as the rest of the stanza shows the benefits of the psalmist remembering God’s Word and the truth it contains. We are reminded by this that our hope comes from the sure confidence that God will keep his Word. The Lord always keeps his promises.

The poet goes on in this section to outline the benefits of this comforting hope. Knowing that God keeps his Word gives us strength and comfort in affliction. This hope enables us to endure derision and sinful attacks from the world. Hoping in the Lord gives comfort in the midst of the darkest nights.

There is hope in God’s Word because we know that the Lord—the one who gave us this inspired, inerrant revelation—is true. We can trust his Word, because we can trust him. Praise the Lord!

In what ways are you lacking confidence in God’s Word? Spend some time reflecting on the promises of God and remembering that he is faithful and true. I pray that such meditations will give you strength and comfort for all of life’s hardships and trials.

Heavenly Father, you are a faithful, covenant-keeping, loving God. May that truth give us great confidence in your revelation to us. Remember your servants, O Lord, and your promises in which we hope. Be our steadfast comfort. Amen.

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