God’s Eternal Word

“Forever, O Lord, your word
is firmly fixed in the heavens.” Psalm 119.89

In this verse, the psalmist transitions to the second half of this amazing psalm. The theme of this stanza is the stability and sufficiency of the word of God. The poet brings the theme of stability to the forefront with this opening verse of the stanza.

This profound truth should not be moved quickly past. God’s word reflects his perfections, his divine attributes, including his eternal nature. The truth revealed in Scripture is eternal truth. It is fixed and unchanging. It is unchanging because its source is the God of the heavens. God’s word is perfect because God is perfect.

This truth ought to be a profound encouragement to us. We can always rely on God’s word, because his truth is unchanging. This truth ought also to serve as a guard for us. Because his truth is firmly fixed in his unchanging nature, we must guard against dismissing its teachings because of cultural, political, social, or historical changes. God’s word is just as sure as when it was first conceived in the mind of God. Its truthfulness is sure, and its reliability is sure.

How does the unchanging, perfect nature of God’s word affect your beliefs about biblical truth? How have you been tempted to subject your understanding of Scripture to cultural, political, social, or historic changes? Take time to reflect on God’s unchanging nature and what that means for how you view his word.

God, we praise you, for you are the unchanging, perfect Creator and King. Your word is fixed, and we are subject to it. May we find comfort and joy in your unchanging truth. Amen.

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