God’s Life-Giving Word

“My soul clings to the dust;
give me life according to your word!” Psalm 119.25

As we move into the fourth stanza of this epic psalm, we find the psalmist in anguish. In many ways, this flows understandably out of the previous section, where he reflects on life as an earthly sojourner. Here he laments that his soul clings to dust. We can surely understand this cry. Everything in this world brings us down—entertainment, culture, politics, war, disease, all of the deadly effects of the fall. The world serves as an extreme sort of spiritual gravity, constantly pulling our soul downward.

The psalmist knows well, and gives us, the solution to this universal problem: God’s Word. There is life in the Word. Scripture finds its source in God, the giver of life. Through it, we find the way, the truth, and the life—Jesus Christ.

Spiritual life is the cure from all spiritual ailments, and we can find that life in the inspired, inerrant, Christ-exalting Word of God. May we eagerly seek the Lord and the life that he provides according to his holy Word.

In what ways have you seen God give you life, encouragement, and strength through his Word? Have you taken time to praise him for that gracious provision? In the difficult times of life, how do you seek him and rely on his Word?

God of life, our gracious Father, may we ever seek life and strength from you. Give us life, O Lord, according to your word. As this world pulls us steadily downward, may we always fix our gaze heavenward, seeking you and your kingdom. Amen.

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