God’s Unchanging Truth

“When I think of your rules from of old,
I take comfort, O Lord.” Psalm 119.52

God’s Word is timeless. Yes, it was delivered in a point in time, and we should understand it properly in its historical context. Still, the principles and meaning of God’s truth do not change with the passing of time. He has established standards for right and wrong, good and evil. They are not subject to the whims of culture and popular opinion. His Word is sure, steadfast, unchanging.

In this verse, the psalmist finds comfort in that truth. He knows that God’s rules never change, for they are a reflection of God’s unchanging character. God is perfect and unchanging. His Word is also perfect and unchanging. The psalmist takes comfort in that stability and reliability.

Keep in mind the prior verse, where the psalmist spoke of the derision he faced from the world. The standards of the world are constantly changing. If we concern ourselves with keeping up with those changes, we’ll be tossed here and there by the waves of public opinion. However, if our life is fixed on biblical truth and its unchanging principles, we find stability and comfort.

In what ways are you allowing your life to be governed by the changing standards of the world? How is your life fixed on the unchanging truth of God? Spend some time meditating on the unchanging nature of God and biblical truth. Praise the Lord for the comfort that meditation brings.

O great God, the unchanging One, we praise you. You are the beginning and end, perfect in all your ways. There is no shadow of changing in you. May we ever take comfort in you and your truth. Amen.

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