Great Is Your Mercy

“Great is your mercy, O Lord;
give me life according to your rules.” Psalm 119.156

The exaltation of God’s mercy in this verse may seem like a blunt change from the previous verse. In that verse, the psalmist spoke clearly about the lost person’s distance from the Lord because of his rejection of God’s law (155). Here, he sings of God’s mercy and prays for life. Again, as he did in verse 154, the psalmist prays on the basis of God’s revealed truth. And, that is where the two seemingly opposed themes harmonize.

There is no salvation in anything other than the gospel plan revealed in God’s Word. Scripture reveals the only path to salvation, and Scripture makes clear that salvation is only by God’s mercy. But, Scripture also reveals that God is, in fact, abundantly gracious.

We should not want—or look for—life from any other source. We should long for God, hunger and thirst for his righteousness; and we must know that our life must be lived in accordance with his Word. Praise the Lord, for we can seek him confidently because of his great mercy and grace!

How often do you meditate on the mercy God has shown you? In what ways do your prayers reflect a longing for life in accordance with Scripture? How are you seeking life according to a worldly standard?

Heavenly Father, you are abundantly gracious and merciful. We praise you, for you have given us life. Teach us, Lord, give us understanding, that we might live according to your Word for your glory. Amen.

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