Guiding Our Praise

“Let my soul live and praise you,
and let your rules help me.” Psalm 119.175

The psalmist is quickly approaching the end of his epic poem. As he does, he returns to one of his most oft-repeated themes. He prays for the providence of the Lord. He wants the Lord to preserve his very life. In this, the poet gives another affirmation of this basic truth—his very life is a gift from God.

Not only does he long for life from the Lord. He also wants the Lord fill his soul with praise. Living is not enough for him. He wants to live in praise of God. And, for this he longs for the Word of the Lord to be his guide. Living isn’t enough. Praising God is not enough. He wants to praise God according to God’s Word.

The Lord demands that those who praise him do so in spirit and in truth. Sincerity and emotion are not enough. Praise without biblical truth is ungodly praise. May we ever praise God according to his Word.

How does Scripture affect the content and passion of your praise? How often to you express your dependence on God to guide your praise, praying for him to inform your worship with his truth? In what ways do your prayers express your dependence on God for your very life?

Heavenly Father, give us life according to your Word. Guide us, dear Lord, that our praise might be filled with biblical truth. Lead us, that we might worship you in spirit and in truth. Amen.

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