Help Me!

“All your commandments are sure;
they persecute me with falsehood; help me!” Psalm 119.86

There is much to be learned from the prayers recorded in Scripture. We can be greatly helped by simply reading, meditating on, and making these prayers our own.

That is certainly true of the last two words of this verse. “Help me!” What a pure and basic prayer! But there is so much profound truth revealed in the poet’s cry. Remember, this difficult stanza is the height of the psalmist’s despair. He has expressed his longing for the Lord (81-82). His soul is tired and weary, like an old, cracking wine skins (83). He has wondered how long he’ll have to endure his trials (84), and he’s acknowledged the traps of the enemy surrounding him (85). In this verse, he laments the false accusations made against him. Is there any wonder that he cries out for help?

This prayer expresses profound devotion. As he has long lamented his troubles, as his weakness has become more apparent to him, as h’es sunken in despair, he continues to have his eyes fixed on God. And, he particularly focuses on God as God has revealed himself in his commandments.

We must learn from this. When we face trials, dangers, and snares, we must fix our devotion on God and his word. Scripture has given us the only true guide for life—for worship and righteousness. Especially in times of trials, we must cling to God and his word.

Lord, help us!

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