Helping Others See God

“Let those who fear you turn to me,
that they may know your testimonies.” Psalm 119.79

As the psalmist continues through this chiastic stanza, he reminds us of his words in verse 74. There, he pointed out that his hope in Scripture attracted those who fear the Lord to himself. Here, he fills out that concept with his intention to instruct others with what he has learned from the testimonies of God.

He has learned from his trials and afflictions, been comforted by the Lord, and trusted in God to handle those bringing about his persecution. This experience has revealed to him the goodness and faithfulness of God, confirming the truthfulness of the Lord’s testimonies. His experience confirmed in his mind and heart what Scripture teaches about God. Thus, he longs to help others who fear the Lord see this truth.

There is much for us to mimic here. When we face trials, see the Lord’s deliverance, and learn how his word applies to our affliction, we should be eager to encourage others with this truth. We should be eager to help other faithful men and women grow in their understanding of God’s testimonies.

Over our time reviewing this psalm, particularly this stanza, how have you seen the Lord work—bringing you greater understanding of him and how he uses trials for your good? How are you helping other believers understand this amazing truth about God?

Father, you have been abundantly kind to us. We have seen your mercy in our trials and afflictions. You have shown yourself merciful time and again. May we be quick to share the truth of who you are—your faithfulness, mercy, and comfort—with those who fear your name. Amen.

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