Hope for Tired Eyes

“My eyes long for your promise;
I ask, ‘When will you comfort me?” Psalm 119.82

Here we have a clear display of the psalmist’s weariness. He’s living in a dark world, facing persecution and attacks. He is weary. His eyes are tired from looking for the promises of God. He wonders how long he will have to wait. Still, though his eyes grow faint, they are fixed on the Lord and his word.

What an encouraging example this is to us! We often find it easy to fix our eyes on the Lord when things are going well, to praise him when life is good. It’s much more difficult to fix our gaze on him in the darkness of trial and affliction. Still, it’s in those times—when we’re tired and weary—that our longing must remain fixed on God and his promises.

We’ve already seen that this is where the psalmist finds hope (81). This is where we too must find our hope. When we face difficulty, when our soul and eyes are weary from longing, it’s all the more needed for us to remain steadfast in seeking him. He is our only hope. But be encouraged, he is a sure hope!

Friend, are your eyes weary from looking for the promises of the Lord? Do not lose hope. Do not give in to the threats of the darkness. Fix your eyes on God. Trust in the promises of his word. Find your hope and comfort in him.

Lord, you are strong when we are weak. You are steadfast and unchanging. Your promises our sure. May we find hope in this truth, especially when we are weary and tired. Strengthen us, dear Father, in your truth. Amen.

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