In the Presence of Kings

“I will also speak of your testimonies before kings
and shall not be put to shame” Psalm 119.46

Fear of the Lord is the antidote to fear of man. The current stanza of this amazing psalm shows the path to a greater fear of God and the dispelling of the fear of man. The psalmist prayed for a foundation in the love and promises of God (41). He spoke how the Word of God would provide his answer for the skeptic (42). Then, he prayed for the truth of God to be ever on his lips (43) and sang of his devotion to the Lord (44), noting the liberty that such a life provides (45). Because of those truths, he proclaims the Word without fear.

Even in the presence of kings—the height of human authority and power—he has no fear. He knows he can speak without shame. Why is that? His confidence is not in himself, his power, or his intellect. His confidence is in the testimonies of God. He speaks the word of God, so why would he be afraid of even the most powerful man?

We too, when we speak the Word of God, can speak without fear. The testimonies of the Lord are sure, so we should proclaim them with bold, steadfast confidence. May the words of our mouth be guided by the fear of the Lord, not the fear of man!

In what ways do your speech reflect reverence and awe for God? In what ways does fear of man affect your speech? Your evangelism?

Our God and King, set a guard over our mouths. May your testimonies ever be on our lips. Teach us to fear you, Lord, that we would have no fear of man. Amen.

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