Joyous Praise

“Accept my freewill offerings of praise, O Lord,
and teach me your rules.” Psalm 119.108

In the previous verse, the psalmist sang of the life-giving power of God’s word. Having received that life from the Lord, the poet offers his praise. Notice that his praise is offered freely, even joyously. His praise is not out of obligation, though he is certainly obligated. Instead, his praise is offered freely to the one who has given him life.

The poet’s offering of praise is then followed by yet another request for teaching from the Lord. Having tasted life and having offered his praise, he longs for the Lord to teach him, through his word, how to live this new life.

Oh that we as believers in Jesus Christ would follow the example of the psalmist in this verse. May our praise be given freely and joyfully to the one who has given us life. And, may we long for teaching from his righteous word, that our new lives would be lived unto his glory.

How is your life marked by free and joyous praise to the giver of life? How deep is your longing for God to teach you from his word? Are you walking in grace, having received life through by believing in Jesus Christ? If so, how is his word guiding your new life?

Our gracious God and King, you are the source of life. For this, we joyously sing your praises. Teach us, O Lord, to walk in your word, according to your righteous rules, that our lives may sing for your praise. Amen.

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