Just and Right

“I have done what is just and right;
do not leave me to my oppressors.” Psalm 119.121

This verse opens a new stanza in this epic exaltation of God’s word. This stanza focuses on this psalmist’s dedication to the Scripture and his dependence on God to guard that dedication. These are familiar themes within the psalm.

Here, the poet opens this stanza with a segment of his ethical dedication to God’s word. He is committed to acting in justice and righteousness. He also anticipates and acknowledges the world’s response to justice and righteousness. 

The world system, despite its posturing and use of moral language, is inherently unjust and unrighteous. There is no righteousness apart from God. Because of this, the world will strike against those who pursue true righteousness and biblical justice. The psalmist anticipates this and prays for the Lord’s protection. May we be so dedicated to just and right living—to living according to God’s word. And, may we realize our need for God’s protection in pursuing such a life.

How is your life marked by justice and righteousness? In what ways might you be pursuing worldly notions of what is right or just? Commit yourself to living according to what Scripture reveals is right and just. Ask the Lord for his protection as you pursue him.

Our gracious and righteous God, we know that there is no hope apart from you. We know that without you, our best efforts produce nothing more than filthy rags. Strengthen our faith, O Lord. Deepen our love for you, your word, and your righteous prescriptions for our lives. Do not leave us to our oppressors. Amen.

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