Longing for God

“I will lift up my hands toward your commandments, which I love,
and I will meditate on your statutes.” Psalm 119.48

Love drives worship. Here, the poet offers an expression of his love for God’s Word, noting that he lifts up his hands, reaches out for it. This pictures one of the most natural inclinations in human beings. We reach out for that which we long for, love, and adore.

Think of the toddler learning to walk. Her mother moves just out of reach, encouraging her to take those first steps. What does the child do? Sway her arms front-to-back as she’s seen other walkers do? No. She reaches out for the mother she loves, and her longing reach compels her forward. The first steps are more a product of loving pursuit than coordination and balance. When we love God’s Word, we reach for it. It guides, compels us toward our Lord, the ultimate object of our affection.

The psalmist goes on to emphasize his love for God’s Word by repeating that he’ll meditate on divine statutes. Psalm 119 is rich with this concept, the idea of filling one’s mind with the Word of God and dwelling long on his glorious revelation. This too is an expression of love for divine truth.

Friend, how does your love for God’s Word show? Do you reach out for it with eager longing? How do you fill your thoughts with the precepts and statutes of God?

Gracious God, cause our longing for your truth to increase. Deepen our love for your revelation. May we eagerly and earnestly behold your glory in your Word. Amen.

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