Look on My Affliction

“Look on my affliction and deliver me,
for I do not forget your law.” Psalm 119.153

This prayer opens a new stanza, one where the psalmist leans still further into his call for God’s care, protection, and provision. He begins with a call for God to look on—or consider—his affliction. This is a call for divine compassion. It’s a call for deliverance.

Again, as he has throughout this psalm, the poet bases his plea on the Word of God. He has faith in God’s law, faith in God’s justice and mercy. This faithfulness, this commitment to not forget God’s law, drives his call for deliverance. He knows Scripture, so he knows that only God can deliver him.

When we face affliction, we must realize—as the psalmist does—that only God can deliver us. Let us not look to earthly sources who promise deliverance. Instead, let us look to the compassion of our loving Lord, who sees our affliction and provides deliverance. This is truth revealed in God’s Word. Let us trust in him!

How does Scripture’s revelation of God’s justice, grace, compassion, and righteousness affect the way that you pray? How does the law of God, revealing his perfect plan for mankind, affect the way that you pray? In what ways do you look instead to worldly sources of deliverance?

Gracious Lord, look upon our affliction. Act in compassion, mercy, and deliverance. Teach us to love your law and all that it reveals about you. Strengthen our trust in you, for the glory of your name. Amen.

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