Love for the Truth

“I hate and abhor falsehood,
but I love your law.” Psalm 119.163

This verse offers an illustration of one of the most common forms of Hebrew poetry—contrasting parallels. This brief, potent verse offers two contrasts, and in both cases the contrast is stark. These comparisons reveal the nature of God’s Word and what our response to it must be.

First, the nature of God’s Word is seen in contrast. The psalmist speaks of God’s law in comparison with falsehood. God’s Word is true. All that is contrary to God’s Word is false. There is no grey area. True is true. False is false. God’s Word is true. All that is opposed to it is false.

The psalmist also uses contrast to show how we must respond to God’s Word. Because God’s Word is true, we must love it. And, by contrast, we must abhor falsehood. The surest way to shipwreck your faith is to flirt with the falsehood of the world. Believers must love the Word of God and abhor all that is contrary to it.

Examine your life. How do you see the contrasts in this verse in your life? In what ways does your life show a love for God’s truth and abhorrence for the world’s falsehood? Do you love the law of God?

God of truth, we praise you for giving us your Word. Teach us, dear Lord, to love your law. Give us understanding, that we might abhor all that is contrary to your truth. Your truth is the only truth. Give us a deeper love for it—that your truth would guide all that we do. Amen.

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