Near, O Lord

“But you are near, O Lord,
and all your commandments are true.” Psalm 119.151

The beauty of this verse cannot be understood fully apart from the previous verse. There, the psalmist spoke of the nearness of his enemies, the proximity of the evil threat. Here, his focuse shifts away from the enemies.

Spurgeon describes his thinking well: “Near as the enemy might be, God was nearer: this is one of the choicest comforts of the persecuted child of God. The Lord is near to hear our cries, and to speedily afford us succor. He is near to chase away our enemies, and to give us rest and peace.”

Spend some time meditating on this truth. When you are persecuted, when it seems the circle of enemies surrounding you is closing in, God is nearer. Praise the Lord! This is why we trust in his law and commandments, because they are a sure defense against our spiritual enemies. Remember, his enemies were far from the law of God (150). We must be near to God and love his law. His commandments—his true Word—protects us.

How often do you mediate on the protection God offers you through his Word? How do you recognize the nearness of God in your life? In what ways has God’s Word protected you from your spiritual enemies?

Our great protector, our tower of refuge, we praise you. Thank you, dear Lord, for keeping us near. Thank you for giving us your Word to guide and defend us. Set in our minds the truth of your word, that we might draw nearer to you. Amen.

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