No Turning Back

“I will never forget your precepts,
for by them you have given me life.” Psalm 119.93

The psalmist opened this stanza by singing of the eternal nature of God’s revelation (89). This eternal nature of Scripture—it’s stability—drives his devotion. Because God’s word is forever fixed in heaven, his commitment to God’s word is forever.

Here, he exalts the life-giving nature of God’s word. This truth pushes his devotion to its very peak. He commits himself to never forget God’s precepts. The reason for this unending devotion is that God’s word gives him life.

If you have been given spiritual life—if the Lord has pierced your heart of stone with gospel truth and brought you life—you’d be utterly foolish to want to turn back. This is the concise truth of this verse. It’s also the driving theme of the book of Hebrews and Romans 6. Why would anyone who’s been freed from slavery to sin want to return to it? Why would anyone who’s been brought to life want to jump back in the grave?

How steadfast is your devotion to God’s word? In what ways does your life reflect a love for the life-giving word of God? Spend some time thanking the Lord for giving you life and renewing your devotion to his revelation.

Heavenly Father, apart from your grace, we’d still be dead in our sin. Your word has brought us life. Give us a greater love for this truth, that we might renew our devotion to your eternal precepts. Amen.

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