Obedience Without Delay

“I hasten and do not delay
to keep your commandments.” Psalm 119.60

When this verse is coupled with the previous, we see a biblical picture of repentance. When we recognize the sinfulness of our own ways, we eagerly turn to the counsel of God, then we hasten to obey God’s commands. This is a Spirit-empowered work. We consider our own sinfulness, our affections turn to the ways of God, and our behavior changes. Our thoughts guide our affections, our affections drive our actions, and our actions, over time, become habits (our ways).

We must not delay in repentance. Lingering in sin only leads to more sin, to greater sin, and to an increase in sin’s devastating affects. Instead, we should be like the psalmist, eager to act quickly. We must be zealous in our faithful pursuit of holiness.

We must eagerly seek the transformation that comes about by having our minds renewed in the Word of God (Rom. 12.1-2). We must fill our mind with thoughts of his testimonies, with the truth of his word, that our hearts would be filled with affection for him, and that our resolve to obedience would be without delay.

Friend, have you considered your ways? Have you prayerfully invited the Lord to show you your sin, those ways that your life is not in line with his desires? How have you turned? How do you renew your mind with the truth of God’s Word, with an increased understanding of his testimonies? In what ways are you allowing yourself to delay in obedience?

Heavenly Father, strengthen our resolve. Grant us faithful and immediate repentance, that we would not linger long in the sin that is abhorrent to you. By your grace, and for the sake of your great name, enable us to walk in your righteousness. Amen.

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