Our Joyous Heritage

“Your testimonies are my heritage forever,
for they are the joy of my heart.” Psalm 119.111

The word of God is the eternal heritage of the faithful. It has come down to us by the sovereign revelation of the Father. Scripture has been preserved through the centuries, treasured by the saints of old, protected by the blood of martyrs, preserved by the mighty hand of God. It is the greatest treasure of the faithful.

What God has revealed to us, the testimonies of his mighty works, must be our joy. They cannot be our obligation, our begrudging topic of study. They must be our joy, the delight of our heart. Otherwise, we will drop them at the first sign of trouble. We will not hold fast to God’s word in the face of the world’s attacks, in the face of spiritual warfare, if God’s word is not our delight. The testimonies of God must be—as they were for the psalmist—the joy of our hearts.

How are you delighting in the word of God? Have you realized the great heritage God’s word is to his people—to you? Take some time today to meditate on the heritage of God’s Word—it’s divine origin, delivery, and preservation. Ask the Lord that this meditation would produce in you a great joy and delight.

Heavenly Father, your word is truth. You have revealed your truth to us, delivered it through your chosen prophets, and preserved it through the centuries. We praise you for this great kindness, Lord. Help us lord to delight in your word. Amen.

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