Promises and Prayer

“Keep steady my steps according to your promise,
and let no iniquity get dominion over me.” Psalm 119.133

Previously, the poet appealed for God to deal with him graciously, because he knew of God’s—through God’s Word—of how God deals with those who love him (132). Here, he prays for protection, for the Lord to steady his steps and guard him from sin. Again, he appeals in this prayer to what he knows of God from his Word.

The psalmist knows the promises of God and knows God’s faithfulness to keep those promises. Because of that confidence, he knows the Lord is the best source of guidance and protection; therefore, he prays confidently.

When we seek the Lord for guidance, for him to set our direction (steps) in life, we would do well to consider the promises of God and his revelation to us. The same is true when we pray for protection of sin. The promises of God ought to encourage us and embolden our prayers for guidance and protection.

In what ways do the promises of God affect your prayers for guidance? How often do you pray for protection from sin? When is the last time you considered the promises of God when praying for protection from sin and guidance as you pursue righteousness?

Father in heaven, your promises are sure. Teach us, grant us understanding, that your promises might guide our lives and strengthen our prayers. Guide us and protect us, dear Lord, according to your steadfast love and promises. Amen.

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