Pure Meditations

“I will meditate on your precepts
and fix my eyes on your ways.” Psalm 119.15

Here again the psalmist highlights the diligent path to purity. Keep the immediate context in mind. The psalmist answered his own question about the path to purity. It’s a path guarded by God’s Word. He devotes himself to obedience, recognizing his dependence on God for said obedience. He treasures God’s Word, proclaims its truth, and delights in God’s testimonies.

How is that type of devoted life possible? The answer: He meditates on God’s Word; he fixes his faithful eyes on God’s ways.

We cannot hope to live according to God’s Word, to delight in it, to see its fruit in our lives, if we do not know what it says. We must give Scripture more than just a passing glance. It must occupy our thoughts longer than that brief hour on Sunday mornings. We must fix our eyes on God and his ways. Believers must dwell on God’s Word, meditate deeply on what it reveals about God, his will, and his purposes for our life.

Scripture tells us that beholding Christ’s glory is the means by which we grow more like him (2 Corinthians 3.18). May we ever grow more diligent in our pursuit of Christ and his glory. May we behold him as we meditate on his Word.

How are you fixing your eyes on the ways of God? How often do you devote time to careful meditation on the truth of Scripture? How much of your time is given to beholding the Glory of Christ in his Word?

Oh Lord, increase our delight in your Word. May our love for you show in our faithful devotion to your holy Word. May we delight in your testimonies more than all earthly riches.

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