Purity of Praise

“Blessed are you, O Lord;
teach me your statutes!” Psalm 119.12

In this verse, the psalmist breaks forth with praise. He has shown the blessings the believer experiences by living according to God’s Word. He extolled the divine, sovereign favor of the Lord that results from living God’s way. Now, he breaks forth with praise of God. “Blessed are you, O Lord.”

“Blessed” in this verse is a different word than the one translated the same way in verses one and two. Here the psalmist speaks out of deep adoration for the God of the Word. He has treasured God’s Word in his heart. It enables him to put off sin. And his heart overflows with praise. Paul echoes this process in Colossians 3:16-17. When the Word of Christ dwells richly within us, it produces righteous living, and the outflow of that ought to be lives of worship and thanksgiving to God.

This overflow of praise leads to another expression of the inspired poet’s dependence on the Lord, another expression of his desire to know more of God’s Word. He cries out, “teach me your statutes.” He praises God for the Word stored in his heart and the fruit it is showing in his life; and he longs for more of it.

How often do you take time to praise the Lord for the work his Word has done in your life? Do you long for a greater understanding, so that your heart might overflow with greater worship?

Blessed are you, O Lord! We praise you for revealing yourself to us, for guiding us in the understanding of you and your word. Teach us more, heavenly Father!

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