Rejoicing in the Word

“I rejoice at your word
like one who finds great spoil.” Psalm 119.162

In the previous verse, the poet sang of his reverential awe for God’s Word. Though powerful men of the earth persecuted him, he didn’t tremble in fear of those prices. He stood in awe of God’s Word (161). In this verse, he reveals that such fear and awe ultimately produces joy.

He rejoices in the Word of God as one rejoices in the spoils of victory. We’re very familiar with his battle. He has spoken of his enemies many times in this psalm. Here, he rejoices as though he’s enjoying in the spoils of victory.

Notice, he hasn’t experienced the victory yet. The enemies are surrounding him still. Yet, he rejoices as though he has already won because he has the Word of God. He has the biggest, best weapon in the battle, the sword of the Spirit.

How are you arming yourself for the spiritual battles you face? How often do you rejoice in having the Word of God? To what height does your rejoicing reach? Spend some time today praising the Lord for giving you the Word. Rejoice in God’s revelation.

Heavenly Lord, you are abundantly gracious. Thank you for giving us your Word. Thank you for revealing yourself to us. Teach us to value the Scripture, to rejoice in your Word. Amen.

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