Righteous and Sure

“You have appointed your testimonies in righteousness
and in all faithfulness.” Psalm 119.138

Every word of God is true. All of his promises are sure. This is true because God’s Word flows from his righteous character. The psalmist dwells on this truth in the verse we’re looking at today, an extension of the thoughts we began to look at yesterday. And, certainly this truth is worth long meditation. Yesterday, we looked at how that his word provides righteous guidance. Today, take some time to think on how God’s righteousness reveals to us the reliability of his Word, the faithfulness of his promises.

Charles Spurgeon reflected on this verse, writing: “What a mercy that we have a God to deal with who is scrupulously faithful, true to all the items and details of his promises, punctual, steadfast. We may risk all upon a Word which is ‘ever faithful, ever sure.”

This should be a joyful meditation to us. God is righteous, therefore his Word is righteous. How lofty is your view of God’s righteousness? In what ways does the righteousness of God give you hope for the promises contained in his Word? How often does the righteousness of God fill your meditations?

We praise you, dear Lord, for you are righteous. You alone are worthy of our worship. All of your promises are true, for your Word is righteous altogether. Fix this truth in our minds, that we might hope in you. Amen.

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