Righteous Disgust

“I look at the faithless with disgust,
because they do not keep your commands.” Psalm 119.158

We’ve seen the psalmist’s enemies and persecutors many times in this psalm. He has lamented their sin. They surround him at all times, so he has prayed to the Lord for deliverance. These enemies are an ever-present part of his song. Their wickedness is a constant contrast used to show the beauty of God’s Word and his righteousness.

Here, as the poet continues this stanza of devoted prayer, he again laments the wicked. He shows his complete disgust for them. But notice, his disgust is not in how they treat him, how they persecute him. Instead, his disgust is caused by their rejection of Gods law.

The poet knows that the law of the Lord is perfect, sure, righteous, altogether lovely. Because of that, the faithless person’s rejection of God’s law is disgusting.

Are you zealous for the Word of God? When you see people reject it, what do you think? Are you offended at their sinful attacks against you, or their rejection of God’s law. A natural byproduct of loving God’s law is hating all that is contrary to it. So, how deep is your love for Scripture?

Heavenly Father, deepen our love for your Word. Give us a greater affection for your truth, that we might be disgusted at all that the world has to offer. May our love for you and your Word show forth in all that we think, say, and do. Amen.

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