Righteous Zeal

“My zeal consumes me,
because my foes forget your words.” Psalm 119.139

What motivates your zeal for the Lord?

The psalmist here speaks of his zeal. He is consumed, as though engulfed in flame, with zeal for the word of God. This is in contrast with the world, with his foes who dismiss God’s Word. This is easy to see in today’s culture. The ways of the world are antagonistic to the Word of God. Those opposed to God want nothing of God’s righteous precepts.

In contrast, the psalmist has an all-consuming zeal for God’s Word. To understand his zeal, we should consider the context. The poet spoke of of the righteousness and faithfulness of God’s Word (137). He’ll go on after this to praise the well-proven promises of God (140).

When we consider how the promises of God have proven true time and again—both in history and in our own lives—it should give us zeal for God and his Word. God’s long testimony of faithfulness should drive us to cast off the wisdom of the world and seek biblical truth.

So, let me ask again: what motivates your zeal for the Lord? How often do you meditate on the ways God has fulfilled his promises? How does that meditation drive your to faithfulness in your daily life?

Heavenly Father, you are faithful and true. Grant us a fresh zeal for serving you, meditating on your goodness, and living according to your Word. Guard us from the wisdom of the world and fill us with wisdom from above. Amen.

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