“When I think on my ways,
I turn my feet to your testimonies;” Psalm 119.59

In this verse, we see the value of self-examination, for examining ourselves with the Word of God leads to repentance. Keep in mind the theme of the current stanza. The psalmist highlights the benefits of finding one’s portion in God (57), in relying on his merciful promises for daily guidance and sustenance (58). Such faithful devotion to the Lord and his Word ought to produce the kind of self-examination modeled in this verse.

When we know the Lord’s grace, when we understand his promises, when we grasp the truth of biblical revelation, we must examine ourselves. Where our ways are not in line with the teachings of Scripture, we must turn—that is, we must repent. The psalmist shows us that understanding the mercies found in God’s Word leads to a commitment to cling to his testimonies. We must share that commitment.

How are you examining your ways in light of God’s truth? In light of God’s abundant mercies, have you considered your ways? How have you seen your ways out of step with the testimonies of God? In what ways have you followed the psalmist’s model of repentance—of turning from your errant ways to the testimonies of God? Take some time today for self-examination and seek the Lord’s kindness to lead you in repentance.

Our great God and King, our portion, shield, and redeemer, examine our hearts. Show us those ways in which we still give into fleshly pursuits, and in your great kindness, lead us to repentance. May all we think, say, and do be unto your glory, O God. Amen.

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