Sermon Preview – Week of February 12

The preaching text for Sunday is John 11:17-44. Jesus and the disciples travel across the Jordan, back into Judea in response to the news that Lazarus is ill. Even before they left, Jesus was aware that Lazarus was dead, so when they arrived in Bethany it was no surprise to them that Lazarus had been dead for four days. In part, the number of days that Lazarus was dead plays into the miracle of his resurrection, which is the means by which God glorifies himself through the person and work of Jesus. Lazarus’ resurrection is the climax of this narrative, but there is so much for us to learn on the way to that glorious moment. We will learn a great deal about Jesus as we consider his reactions to Martha, Mary and the crowd gathered in their village to mourn Lazarus’ death. We will learn about his grace in salvation, and the hope we have in him, a hope that eclipses and conquers the fear of death. By God’s grace the truth and power of this text will engage our hearts and we will be drawn to greater faith in Jesus!

Sermon Title: “I Am The Resurrection And The Life”

Sermon Text: John 11:17-44

Meditation Passage: Isaiah 25

Call To Worship: Psalm 86:8-13

Benediction: Romans 16:25-27

Songs For Sunday:

All Hail The Power Of Jesus’ Name

O For A Thousand Tongues To Sing

It Is Not Death To Die

In Christ Alone

Holy Spirit Living Breath Of God


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