Sermon Preview – Week of February 27

James D’Souza will be preaching this coming Lord’s Day. He will be wrapping up our four week series on “The Word Of God”. Please pray for him this week as he prepares to preach God’s Word and pray for the body as we all prepare to hear God’s Word. Take some time to read his sermon preview below…

Over the last few weeks, we have been blessed with the opportunity to reflect upon the profound treasure we hold in our hands and seek to store up in our hearts: the very words of our God breathed forth onto the pages of Scripture. This coming Lord’s Day, we will conclude this series on the Word of God with a passage that addresses how we are to receive and respond to these invaluable words of life.

James writes to Jewish believers whose faith is being tried under the furnace of persecution. In this particular passage, he warns his hearers of their susceptibility to being a hearer of God’s Word without being a doer of it. How is it that at times we may hear the truth of God proclaimed and yet proceed to live as though we did not hear it? James answers this vital question and provides the wisdom from God necessary to address this struggle in our own lives. May we embrace the Word of truth which is able to save our souls. May we be doers of the Word and not hearers only to the glory of our Savior.

Sermon Title: “Take Heed To How You Listen To God’s Word”

Sermon Text: James 1:21-25

Meditation Passage: Psalm 119:1-16

Call To Worship: Luke 1:46-50

Benediction: Jude 24-25

Songs For Sunday

To God Be The Glory

Praise To The Lord The Almighty

Hail The Day

Help My Unbelief

All Glory Be To Christ

Grace Greater Than All Our Sin

Monthly Prayer Service  – This Wednesday, March 1st at 6:30pm

Please join us as we pray for one another and the mission and ministries of our church. Childcare is provided.

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