Sermon Preview – Week of February 6

This Sunday we are starting a short (four week) topical series on the Bible, God’s Word, the Holy Scriptures. I am excited to be sharing the pulpit with Marcus Young, James D’Souza and Richard Boswell for this series. This coming Lord’s Day I will be preaching Psalm 19.

Our statement of faith describes the Bible as, “a perfect treasure of heavenly instruction that has God as its author and salvation for its end”. It goes on to say, “it is the supreme standard by which all human conduct should be tried”. There is a lot to think about here, and while we will get into all of this on Sunday we won’t take time to unpack it here. There is just one thing that I would like to point out, and I think it is the place where we must begin in our thinking about the Bible. It is the statement, “that has God as its author”. There it is, the one simple and glorious fact that God is not silent. God has spoken, He has revealed Himself and His will. We can know God! This Sunday, from Psalm 19, we will get more insight into the ways in which God speaks and has revealed Himself and His will and what that means for us. What is He saying? Why is saying it? Is there be anything more important to know? Do yourself a favor and read and then re-read and then re-re-read Psalm 19 this week in preparation for congregational worship, it will bless you!


Sermon Title: “God Is Speaking! Are We Listening?”

Sermon Text: Psalm 19

Meditation Passage: Isaiah 40:1-8

Call To Worship: Psalm 138:1-5

Benediction: 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17


Songs For Sunday

O Great God

Come Thou Almighty King

Christ The Sure And Steady Anchor

Out Of The Depths

Speak O Lord

Rock Of Ages


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