Sermon Preview – Week of July 17

Have you ever felt alone in your suffering? Have you ever felt as though God was distant from you? Have you ever felt as though you were drowning in the depths of sorrow while experiencing a pain that seemed to have no end in sight? Have you ever experienced spiritual valleys in your life? Are you experiencing one now? Our preaching text this Sunday is Psalm 13, a psalm of David. The same David who was at times capable of dancing through the streets of Jerusalem with joy overflowing in celebratory worship of his God is found in this psalm to be weighed down with a profound inner turmoil, desperation, and sorrow. I am grateful that this psalm does not end after two verses. By the grace of God, David is able to find a path to joy and praise even while he is weary and faint of heart. May we be blessed to taste of the imperishable riches held out to us in this psalm and secured for us in Christ. May our Good Shepherd lead us, by His Word, to experience inexplicable joy and insuppressible praise in our hearts as we by faith learn how to wait on God while under the weight of sorrow.

Sermon Title: “Waiting on God While Under the Weight of Sorrow”

Sermon Text: Psalm 13

Meditation Passage: Romans 8:18-39

Call To Worship: Psalm 100

Benediction: Romans 15:13

Songs For Sunday:

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